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First refugees from Ukraine warmly welcomed by Medjugorje locals: “We’re here to help out with anything they need”

Piše Matias Zečević  /  03.03.2022., 07:13h
Ukrainian families have been arriving in Medjugorje over the last few days. They’ve been put up in a variety of motels and private accommodation in town, but the total number of individuals in town is as yet unknown

An owner of several houses, normally used by pilgrims has repurposed them to provide accommodation and shelter to those displaced by the conflict. He told that he currently has twenty people that he’s managed to put up.

"I have twenty of them. They’re all women and children between the ages of two and seventy-five. We have given them everything they need at the moment."

When asked if he expects more to come, this Good Samaritan gave an affirmative answer.

"I am just waiting. Some have announced their upcoming arrival to us, they are currently traveling to Medjugorje. They are always very welcome here. "

Another owner of a small hotel, who also wished to remain anonymous, said that no one has come to her yet but that the door is open.

"Our Lady came here and opened the hearts of many. We open our doors to people in need. That's the least we can do."

Unfortunately, a multitude of television crews disturbed the refugees today, so the owners of the motel appealed for understanding.

"People need peace. We ask the media outlets not to film them and not to follow in their footsteps. They are suffering."

The president of the local community council of Medjugorje, Dragan Vasilj-Žigić, says that they are currently looking for a way to help the endangered.

"We are considering various options to help them. We still don't know exactly how many will come."

In conversation with the locals in Medjugorje, it can only be concluded that they will be very happy to receive all those who are fleeing from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They do not want to publicise their good deeds, content to pray and hope that the suffering will end quickly, but in the meantime, they stand ready to open their hearts and homes.

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