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Dr. Ben Markin: "Why I never even thought about leaving BiH during the war and how our country can become a stable state"

Piše desk  /  19.03.2022., 14:30h
Dr. Ben Markin, a renowned BiH surgeon from Ghana, was a guest of the Bura Podcast, where he spoke about about his life, growing up in Ghana and how he came to study medicine in Zagreb.

In a conversation with Jurica Gudelj, the editor and host of Podcast Bura, he said that after finishing his studies he ended up in Jajce and described what it takes to become a competent doctor.

He also described his experience as a war surgeon in besieged Jajce and besieged Žepče. Dr. Ben Markin was a surgeon in Croatian Defense Council (Hrvatsko vijeće obrane – HVO) military hospitals during the war. He said that he never thought of leaving BiH because of the war. He pointed out that war is called for only by those who do not know what it brings with it.

In addition, he spoke about his ambassadorial experience and other topics. Dr. Ben Markin is the first Ambassador of BiH to Japan, and he was appointed to this post from the Croatian quota, ie he was a representative of the Croat constituent people in the BiH diplomatic network.

He pointed out that the solution for BiH is very simple - all three constituent peoples should have identical political and other rights and that is a guarantee of a stable state.

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